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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Will You Buy an Apple iPhone?

My wife wants to buy a new phone. She want a motorola razor. I want an iphone. But after learning that the iPhone will be about $600 and then about $100/month (voice and data charges), it seems kinda steep. And then comes the dilemma of whether or not I need a device that will allow me to be online even more out of my day. My wife already thinks I'm addicted to the internet, but the internet is where I work. And I think I'm far from alone in the internet addiction category. So is the iphone worth it? Would you buy one? And have you got a smartphone and has it helped you out or fed your internet addiction even more?
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Googe.com - Why Parked Page?

After noticing the misspelling on the Google logo yesterday, I looked to see who owned Googe.com. And it's currently a parked page with an alexa rating of 34,000. So I'm sure it gets tons of type in traffic. So why is it a parked page and why hasn't Google bought it from them (or threatened 'em for that matter)?

Google Spelled Their Name Wrong?

So at 11:30pm my sister calls me and says, "Hey Shawn, go to Google.com". So, I went and she asked if I noticed anything out of the ordinary. After looking at the page, I said well, they have a holiday logo, but that's pretty normal. She said, look at the logo closer. Sure enough, the logo spells out "Googe".

Is the stem a semi-"L"?

Attached is a screenshot from Google's homepage on Valentine's Day. Did they forget the "L"? :-)
Monday, February 05, 2007

Complete Overhaul Coming Soon..

We've thought about redesigning our software several times in the past, but always put it off. Well, to better evolve with the demands of our users, the time has finally come. We're going to be doing a complete overhaul with a state of the art software system. More details will be posted soon along with a beta version of the product in about a month or so. Your feedback on the beta will be greatly appreciated so our software engineers can tackle any issues with it. Should be a lot of fun! :)

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