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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Affiliate Program

For those are familiar with our past affiliate program, we have changed affiliate programs. To help explain the reason for this change, suffice it to say that the old software we used to use: www.myreferer.com is horrible. Their customer service is non existent and basically they suck. I would NOT recommend them to anyone.

Anyhow, we recently changed over to a new software that seems to be a much better program. Our new url affiliate url is:


Our pay out details have also changed a little bit. The new pay out details are 20% of all submissions. So in short, it's less on the less expensive submissions, but more on the more expensive submissions.

We also offer custom programs for well performing affiliates.

The bad news is that we cannot import anything from the old account into the new account, so the affiliates that wish to still participate will need to create a new account in the new system and update the incoming urls.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adult Category Disclaimer

To help limit the accessibility of the adult categories, we recently implemented a disclaimer to the adult category.
Saturday, November 25, 2006

Image Verification Added to Add Url Forms

We have recently been bombarded with spam bots submitting javascript junk through the add url forms. And with the plethora of automated web directory submission software out there, I can see why. So today we added an image verification to the form. So when you're submitting a website, please be sure to type in ALL CAPS when entering in the image verification string or it won't work. If you have any questions, just ask!
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NetFlix vs. Blockbuster Total Access

So, we just moved into our new home that we have been having built for the past two years. And we had a custom home theater installed with a 110" screen. So, needless to say I live in that room :-) . And yeah I'm a big movie buff and love renting movies. So about a month ago I signed up for Netflix and signed up for the 6 at a time for $35.99/month. It's pretty amazing because if you order a movie into your queue on Monday, it's in your mailbox by Tuesday, and they carry virtually every move every made it seems.

But then I got some email from Blockbuster (how did they get my email? - oh well) and it said that their online movie program is even better than Netflix because you can rent online and then return them to the store and exchange it for a move there, all while not affecting your number of online rentals. So since they offered a free trial I figured I would try it. So I placed my first order with them on a Monday and I didn't receive the DVD's until Thursday. So then on Friday, I returned the DVD's to the local Blockbuster store as they said you could. The only catch is that you have to return those movies on time or it's like a $4/day late fee per move - not very cool.

Anyway, so when I got home on Friday from Blockbuster, I went online and ordered 2 more movies to see if this time I would get them any quicker. It wasn't until Monday at 7pm that I got an email that said your DVD's are on their way. When did they come? Thursday. So let's see, Blockbuster says that you can return the movies to the store and get twice as many movies, yet they take 6 days to send out a new movie.

Then I mapped out my local Blockbuster thinking maybe it's not so bad. But my nearest Blockbuster is 6 miles away with tons of stop lights. And I drive a Hummer. So for me that's like $4 in gas just to go there and back. If I do that twice a week that's over $30/month right there.

Something else I noticed about Blockbuster is that they do not carry any NC-17 versions of movies, only R rated versions. And a lot of horror and teen comedy type movies have both versions, but you can only get both versions via Netflix.

But one thing I do like about Blockbuster online is that you can see rows of the box covers as your browse through genres. Whereas Netflix basically gives you a list of titles. And I like to pick a movie out by the cover, or atleast look at it that way. So hopefully Netflix will catch on there.

Overall (from my experience at least), Netflix is superbly faster at shipping new movies out than Blockbuster (1 day versus 3-4 days). Blockbuster's online plan only allows up to 4 movies at a time and Netflix allows up to 8. But I guess if you live right by a Blockbuster, it may be a better deal for you. Just don't let those late fees add up. :-)

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