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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alexa Ratings

In the past few months, I uninstalled the Alexa extensions in Firefox due to some lagging page load times. I'm guess because it had to query the Alexa servers, it took longer to load. And just yesterday I checked the Alexa traffic rank for Uncover the Net and realized that it's a much higher number than it used to be.

For those not familiar with Alexa, a higher number is actually worse than a lower number. Then afraid we we're not getting as much traffic as before, I checked the actual traffic numbers from our server logs and our traffic has been extrodinarily steady and even went up a little bit. Maybe that's because we added natural search results provided by yahoo for queries that we ourselves don't have results for (Hey I would rather we serve them some results than none at all!).

In any event, I'm shocked that by me uninstalling my toolbar, our alexa rankings dropped that much. I guess that speaks for the reliability of Alexa rankings.


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