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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Moving Our Retail Store

So, as some of you might know, my wife and I own a small photography studio here in Chicagoland. And recently due to some zoning ordinances, we've been forced to move into a retail location (we were previously in a industrial/office building). So over the past couple weeks, we've been packing and moving and it's been hectic! The new location is so much nicer though cause it's in a prime retail space with thousands of cars driving by every day. But the bad thing is that any construction on the place to get it ready for our new opening has to be done by the book. So I've been meeting with an architect, electricians, contractors, and of course the not-so-friendly village inspectors. Anyway, I can't wait until it's all done. I'll be sure and post pics!

PS - Have you ever noticed that when you move, you realize how much junk you really have? :)


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