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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A few Changes to the Shortcuts

Ill be posting a complete list of available shortcuts, but there are a few changes to previous ones that were already posted. The two in particular are the stock quote lookup and the zip code lookup. Previously, you could just enter in the stock symbol or the 6 digit zip code and it would return the data. But after a severe server overload this morning, I had to rework some of it. In case you're curious, what was happening was the server was checking to see if every query (even general queries like 'hotels') was a stock quote or a zip code and it was overloading the server. So, now the shortcuts are:


Just search for Stock yhoo - Notice the addition of "stock". So quotes will only be looked up when the term "stock" is included.

Example: Stock Yhoo (link)


Just search for zip 90210 - Notice the addition of "zip". So zip codes will only be looked up when the term "zip" is included.

Proper Format: ZIP + ZIP CODE
Example: Zip 60195 (link)

So there are the two changes, Hopefully this won't confuse anyone too badly. Sorry about that! :)
Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Even More Features Added...

Wanna quick check of how your favorite stock is doing? Just enter in the ticker symbol and get a chart along with the day's opening price, the day's range, and some more neat info about your favorite stocks! Try it out: GOOG, YHOO, EBAY.

And secondly, ever wonder what city zip code 85010 is? Now it's easy! Just enter in the zip code and see the corresponding city name and state, along with a link to a map of the area! Try it out: a zip code search for 90210.
Monday, May 09, 2005

Related Searches Added

If other people have looked for something similar to your search query, links to related searches will appear on the right side of the results! For example a search for SEO (an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization), you'd find these related searches on the results pages:

» seo company
» seo services
» seo taiji
» seo india
» seo book
» seo software
» seo forum
» seo expert
» seo tools
» google seo
» seo firm
» seo optimization miami
» seo consulting
» seo expert delhi
» lee seo jin
» seo blog
» seo jin young
» seo website design
» seo ahmedabad
» seo elite
» danny seo

I think this is a pretty cool feature. It's also great for webmasters who want to find out other search queries that customers are using!
Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Image Search Released

I'm happy to announce another cool feature here at Uncover the Net..image search! Like for instance, ever wanted to see some pics of a Ferrari? Or if you're like my wife, you'd love to see pics of Vin Diesel. :) So go ahead, try it for yourself. And as always, we love hearing what people think, feedback is always appreciated!
Sunday, May 01, 2005

Our 8th Month Birthday!

Well, May is here, and we are now 8 months old! Quite a lot has happened in 8 months. Here are some cool statistics about Uncover the Net...

Sites Listed: 14,091
Average Number of Searches Performed Each Day: 67,863

It will be interesting to see what these figures are on our 1 year anniversary! :)

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