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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A "Real" Regional Section

First, sorry I haven't posted on the blog in a while, I've mainly been on the forums!

We have been working on ditching the cross-referencing locations and opting for a real regional section, much like what DMOZ & Yahoo have. Personally when I was trying to find an interior designer or local radion station or something, the first place I looked was Google or Yahoo. After being presented with a bunch of scraped result adsese websites, I would then head over to DMOZ or Y! Directory and boom..there is a whole category on just what I was looking for and in the city I was looking for. I think regional sections on directories are possibly one of the best and most used sections of a directory. That's why we're really trying to make them the best they can be. Anyway, after working on it for about a week,we've got the ground floor paved:

So, if you have a regional specific website, now you know where to submit! Or if your browsing the directory, now you can (or will be able to :]) find that local radio station you've been trying to find.


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