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Monday, January 24, 2005

Things I Would Have Done Different

Recently in the forums I was asked if there is anything that I would have done differently. So, are there things I would do different? Yes, I guess there are. A few of them would be:

1) Start out with about 20 categories and nothing more. Then as we got about 5 sites of similar topics in the same category then create a subcategory.

2) Spent some of the $25k+ money that I spent on advertising and used it to pay a bunch of editors to add 100,000 sites instead.

3) Offered an option for noncommercial websites, but would have been strict and it would have most likely caused headaches.

4) Not stayed up all hours of every night for a month working on it. I would have paced myself a little better.

5) Not listened to junk talk on the forums.

6) Made it into more of a semi-portal..still is a possibility.

7) Probably a bunch of other things, but those are the main ones. :)


Blogger Michael said...

It is always easy to see what should have been after the fact. :]

Despite this, you have a good start to a directory. I think a year from now you will have 100K sites. Further, you are already outpacing those "fake" directories that only have sites which paid the admission fee. Web searchers are not interested in wading through a directory that only has commercial sites. You are doing very well getting a lot of non-commercial information sites listed. This means Web searchers will find you valuable. And that will equal success eventually.

January 24, 2005 at 7:37 AM  
Blogger Shawn said...

Thanks Mike :)

January 24, 2005 at 10:30 PM  
Blogger Kim Stian Ervik said...

I cant find the links to the worldwide part of the directory anymore. Did you change strategy in any way?

February 5, 2005 at 12:00 PM  
Blogger Shawn said...

We're adding them back soon!

February 5, 2005 at 6:27 PM  

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