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Monday, January 24, 2005

Moving to a Dedicated Server

We're currently on a virtual dedicated server, but I notice some lags sometimes. Especially on content rich categories. So I'm upgrading to a Dual Xeon 2.66GHZ Hyperthreaded server. There shouldnt be any down time or anything though. Fun stuff :)

Things I Would Have Done Different

Recently in the forums I was asked if there is anything that I would have done differently. So, are there things I would do different? Yes, I guess there are. A few of them would be:

1) Start out with about 20 categories and nothing more. Then as we got about 5 sites of similar topics in the same category then create a subcategory.

2) Spent some of the $25k+ money that I spent on advertising and used it to pay a bunch of editors to add 100,000 sites instead.

3) Offered an option for noncommercial websites, but would have been strict and it would have most likely caused headaches.

4) Not stayed up all hours of every night for a month working on it. I would have paced myself a little better.

5) Not listened to junk talk on the forums.

6) Made it into more of a semi-portal..still is a possibility.

7) Probably a bunch of other things, but those are the main ones. :)
Thursday, January 20, 2005

Spam Will Continue..

Even with the new nofollow tag. Atleast that's what this cool Google employee wrote (Chris)...

"Our future has spam in it. Comment spam. Link spam. Pagrerank spam. Spam. Sigh."


Obviously, he's not really saying anything we didnt already know. But I will admit that I find it nice to stumble upon blogs of some of the Google Guys who are actually people and not automated responses :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Google Adsense

I'll be testing Adsense throughout the site, in an unobtrusive manner (atleast as unobtrusive as possible). I'm doing different things with the search pages, forum pages, listing pages, and index pages. You'll probably see them in different areas, but if there are any recommendations or suggestions..please by all means, let me know!

Preventing Comment Spam

Wow, it's actually true. Here is the link.

Basically it allows people to place a rel="nofollow" on hyperlinks, so that they wont get spidered. Holy Moly.

IRCA Work Done

Earlier I posted that I was working with the ICRA on labeling the website correctly. Well due to the technical difficulties of our large database and huge number of pages we had to make some modifications to their standard labeling procedure. Anyway, after over a week of working on it, it's finally done!

Because of the details of the modifications made here at UTN, we'll also be participating in the ICRA's case study of a new beta labeling system. :)
Sunday, January 16, 2005

Back 2 Business

Sorry I havent posted in a little while. I've been trying to spend the time I promised I would spend with my wife. Anyhow, I'm back!

First, I'd like to welcome Cheri as a new editor at Uncover the Net. She has quite a bit of experience editing at some other directories including DMOZ, Joe Ant, etc. So.welcome to UTN Cheri...we're happy to have you!!

Secondly, I've been working with the International Content Ratings Association (ICRA) about the proper labeling of the directory. I dont want little kids to have access to some of the more questionable sections like adult novelties, etc. So, hopefully in the next week or so we will have properly labeled all of the categories.

So...how's everyone else doing? :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Directory Building at Uncover the Net

My strategy for directory building at Uncover the Net is to add non-commerical information sites to as many categories as possible. I am adding two to three sites in a category and moving on. Eventually, I hope to have no empty categories at Uncover at all. I have moved through Arts & Humanities and am working in Science right now. The Alternative Science category was fun. I know more about the hollow earth and aquatic ape evolutionary theory than I did before. Editing at directories can be very educational. Currently, I am in the midst of adding tons of sites relating to salt water fish species. Uncover the Net is growing fast!
Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Business Card Page Features Completed

Our new business card features are live and ready!

An example of a fully completed business card page is for Google.

You will notice we now offer the following features on the business card:
  1. Site Name
  2. Site Url
  3. Phone Number
  4. Company Address
  5. Company Email Address
  6. Extended Full Page Description
  7. Company Logo
  8. Quick Links to Internal Pages (Sponsored & Commercial Listings Only)
If you have previously submitted a listing and would like to add some
of the features contained on the business card, please fill out our update form here.
Monday, January 03, 2005

Editor Introduction

Hi, I am an editor for Uncover the Net. I am a librarian working at Central Michigan University. I am also a senior editor at Joeant and I edit at DMOZ and Zeal. I am using this experience to find good sites for Uncover to help build the directory up.

There is nothing wrong with having a directory that charges commercial sites for inclusion. However, any directory that only lists paying sites is pretty worthless in my opinion. If you don't have good non-commercial information Web surfers will ignore you. It becomes obvious that those directories that mainly only add paying sites are just selling PR. This is not the case with Uncover as we are adding tons of free non-commercial sites every day. This directory is meant to be useful to end users. And of course, it should remain a good value for those commercial sites which pay to be reviewed for a listing.

I hope to be working with Uncover the Net for a long time. It is exciting to be building a new directory from scratch.
Sunday, January 02, 2005


As you can probably tell, I'm not much of a blogger, but I'm learning :)

I'll try to maintain a daily journal and use the blog for announcements about the directory and special promotions.

I also will be enabling staff posts from our editors in the blog as well, so everyone can hear from all the people behind the scene!

Anyway for those who are more 'blogger inclined' than I, here is the RSS Feed.

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